Hina-Tea, your tea breaks partner ! 

Among all our teas, you will probably find the one that best suits your tastes !

With all the categories available, you can sort to easily find a tea corresponding to your expectations, in addition to herbal teas and infusions !

 Tea by color: 

Whether you prefer green tea, black, red, yellow or white, all our teas can be arranged by color, to facilitate your search !

 The scented tea: 

If you want a scented tea, a whole range has been established and arranged by colors, then refine the perfumes and find your ideal tea !

 Tea for the sport: 

Hina-Tea aims to offer sports oriented teas, so we try to adapt the "super foods" to our recipes. In this category, you will find teas with spirulina, guarana, goji berries, and many more will be added as you go !

 Tea accessories: 

In this category, you will find various accessories to accompany you during your tea breaks, our accessories are mainly oriented "practical".