Guarana, the Brazilian Amazon in a plant

The Brazilian Amazon has many discoveries, and among them, Guarana, the plant strong in caffeine!

After  Turmeric and Açaï, a short tour of the Guarana, the plant from the Brazilian Amazon. You will discover a plant famous for its health benefits, rich in caffeine, and in history!


  Presentation of Guarana: 

First used by the Guarani people from whom it derives its name, it is then mainly cultivated by Satéré Mawé (where the name "Warana" is more often used).

satere mawe

Guarana is a shrub native to the Brazilian Amazon. Its seed contains up to 3 times more caffeine than the coffee beans themselves, making it the plant with the highest caffeine content. It has a particular taste, more appreciated in its country of origin than in the European countries where it is more often associated with other products and aromas, in particular for infusions.

satere mawe carte

Red in color, its visual appearance is the subject of many legends more or less similar. Inside, we find white flesh and black seeds (which sometimes gives it the name "eye").

Guarana is picked by hand from November to January.

It is originally used mainly in medicine and herbal medicine, but its consumption on a larger scale is due to its use in the form of drinks, sometimes called "Brazilian coffee".

Today, it is exported around the world and is well known as the "main" component of « energy drink ».


  Guarana, a superfood that is strong in caffeine: 

As its presentation indicates, Guarana is the plant with the highest caffeine content (more than 4.5g of caffeine per 100gr of guarana).

Thus, this characteristic gives it several benefits. First, it would facilitate concentration, combat drowsiness and stimulate the nervous system, so it is said that the Indian warriors consumed it before going hunting.

With this same intake of caffeine, guarana is likely to prolong the effect of satiety, and stimulate metabolism, which would promote weight loss. It is for this reason that it is often put forward in different products of weight loss.

In the sports world, it is mainly used for its caffeine content and its antioxidant effects.

poudre de guarana

At the same time, it is used in food supplements and in medicine, due to its diuretic and analgesic effects. In some countries it is also used as an aphrodisiac food.

In addition, we can see in its composition, various benefits:

-Salt minerals: Calcium, helping in the formation and maintenance of teeth and bones, Potassium, which helps reduce tension, Phosphorus, component of the adenosine triphosphate that is our energy, Iron, carries oxygen and forms red blood cells, Copper, aiding iron absorption, optimizes bone structure and stimulates the immune system, Zinc, Enzyme Activator, and Magnesium, which is involved in more than 400 processes such as ATP production (the adenosine triphosphate), calcium fixation, bone formation, and many more!

- Amino acids and essential fatty acids

-Pectin, which absorbs and destroys some harmful heavy metals found in the intestines

-Tanin, which promotes the protection of the cardiovascular system.

- Trace elements : Selenium, promotes the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol, and helps the immune system. Germanium, promotes the circulation of oxygen in the blood and helps maintain the immune system. Strontium, action on the formation of bones.

-Vitamin A, E, B1, B3 and PP.

One of the particular aspects of Guarana is that it diffuses its benefits in a continuous way, thus and consumed naturally, it maintains its benefits over a longer period than the coffee for example.

Contrary to some beliefs, scientific studies have not detected toxic effects on the body, however it is not recommended for pregnant women due to its exciting effect.

  Legends around Guarana: 

"A long time ago, a young Indian woman gave birth to a child who aroused the jealousy of her uncles.

They then awakened the spirit of evil that took on the appearance of a venomous snake to kill the young child.

His mother then made a prediction: "You, my son, will be the greatest force of nature, you will do good, you will be great, you will liberate men and heal them! She buried her body, but she took her right eye to put it in the ground, aside. Thanks to his magic power, a young guarana plan sprouted from this eye. When the tree was well developed, the child resuscitated, it was the first mawed satin Indian. "


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