rooibos, the South African health drink!

Discover the Rooibos, sometimes confused with tea, this infusion coming straight from South Africa is an excellent health asset!

 Rooibos, the South African health drink !

The Rooibos, sometimes called "red bush", or "red tea", is not actually a tea!(you can find the explanation between different colors of teas on our dedicated article, and their origins).

This drink comes from the shrub bearing the name ofAspalathus Linearis, part of the family Fabaceae (unlike tea, therefore, from the tea plant Camellia sinensis).

buisson rouge rooibos

This "red bush" is found, despite various experiences of settlements in other territories, exclusively in South Africa, and particularly north of the city of Cape Town, in the mountainous region of Cederberg.

cederberg rooibos

As with tea, it is the leaves that are harvested and fermented before they can be infused.

This drink is, since its cultivation, mainly used for its therapeutic virtues.

Unlike tea, the Rooibos does not contain theine, which allows it to be consumed at any time of the day, especially in the evening.

  How to drink Rooibos? 

Rooibos consumption methods differ by country.

In South Africa, where it originates, a small amount of milk and sugar is added.

Very similar to most other herbal teas, its brewing time varies depending on recipes, but still oscillates between 5 and 10 minutes. Like the color of the shrub and adjective of which it is qualified, the infusion quickly becomes very colorful.

In Europe, besides its medical virtues, milk is rarely added, but the recipes are often accompanied by citrus fruits.

The Rooibos is also often drunk as a refreshing drink, its taste adapting very well, which can be very practical in summer!

It is nevertheless a drink used mainly for its well-being, having a more particular taste than the teas or infusions usually consumed in Europe.

 The benefits of Rooibos: 

Before giving the list of benefits, it is interesting to talk about one of the personalities who contributed to the expansion of this infusion, Dr. Annique Theron.

Annique Theron rooibos

If you speak Afrikaans, here is the link of the wikipedia page

To summarize, the "story" between Rooibos and Dr. Annique Theron began in 1968 when, already knowing the benefits of this drink, used it in small quantities in the bottle of his baby, which passed a much calmer night and without digestive and allergic disorders of which she suffered.

Following this, Dr. Annique Theron focuses on the Rooibos , before creating a company a few years later (1971), with a range around the woman, as beauty products. Today, this company distributes its products around the world.

As for the benefits, Rooibos has several advantages, some of them are scientifically proven, others are still in progress or waiting for studies to quantify their virtues.

The best known of these is its soothing effect for baby colic, and through it, for most digestive disorders.

It also has a soothing effect against sleep disorders, so it is often advisable to consume in the late afternoon or evening.

At the same time, it is also used externally, in the form of cream for example, to relieve skin allergies.

Its concentration of polyphenols gives it strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities.

One clinical study concluded that Rooibos consumption (the study was still 6 cups a day for a month and a half), decreased the level of bad cholesterol accompanied by a strong increase in the level of good cholesterol. 

Other studies tend to show that a blend of green tea and Rooibos could be more effective than some anti-wrinkle creams, concerning its benefits against aging of the skin.

Fleur de rooibos

On Hina-Tea, we offer a recipe flavored with wild berries, containing currant and blueberry flowers!

As you can see, the Rooibos is a health and wellness ally of excellent quality, in addition to being an infusion that can refresh you in the summer!